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  • Child poverty, health and wellbeing

    • Children

    Target audience: This module will provide learning support on child poverty for health visitors and midwives – through both undergraduate programmes in higher education instit...

  • Preventing unintentional injuries in early years

    • Pregnancy and early years

    Target audience: This module is for all adults including family, those who have a professional, and voluntary relationships with early years, children and families across Scot...

  • The link between Health Literacy and Health Inequalities

    • Health inequality

    By the end of the module, you should be able to: describe the relationship between health literacy and health inequalities recognise the importance of good health literacy to...

  • Tackling health inequalities within health and social care

    • Health inequality

    Target audience: This module is suitable for staff from all sectors of the health & social care workforce who have or have potential to impact on health inequalities (this...

  • Health inequalities awareness

    • Health inequality

    Target audience: This module is suitable for anyone who plans or delivers services to the public. By the end of this module you should be able to define health inequalities a...

  • Raising the issue of maternal and infant nutrition

    • Pregnancy and early years

    Target audience: This module is for anyone who has or thinks they could have a role to play in identifying or raising the issue of maternal and infant nutrition. After complet...

  • Health behaviour change level 2

    • Primary care

    Target audience: Those with a role in supporting patients and clients. After completing this module you will be able to define the links between public health, health behavio...

  • Stop smoking suite

    • Health inequality

    The module content has been adapted by NHS Health Scotland from materials developed by the NCSCT (The National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training). This learning progra...

  • Violence and aggression in the workplace

    • Employment

    Target audience: Managers. The key learning outcomes are understanding of the causes and impact of violence and aggression at work knowledge of the legal requirements to mana...

  • Very brief advice on smoking

    • Health inequality

    This e-Learning is aimed at health professionals and other allied health professionals working in a wide range of settings who have interactions with people who smoke. It incl...