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Improving health
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These resources have been developed in partnership with subject matter experts and representatives from the NHS, public and voluntary sector. They are designed to support the workforce in implementing Improving maternal and infant nutrition: a framework for action and the refreshed framework for maternity care services.

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Course type
Time to complete
3 hours
Course category
Health behaviour change

Target audience: This module is for anyone who has or thinks they could have a role to play in identifying or raising the issue of maternal and infant nutrition.

After completing the module you will have

  • awareness of the range of factors which influence our own and others’ attitudes, beliefs and behaviours relating to maternal and infant nutrition
  • identified and reflected on own and others’ roles in relation to influencing maternal and infant nutrition, identifying impact and limitations
  • awareness of the benefits of a healthy balanced diet, including impact on long term health outcomes
  • developed understanding of the key messages to support women and their families
  • explored how to support individuals in identifying their needs, the support they require and choosing a suitable approach
  • reflected on techniques to raise and briefly discuss the issue of maternal and infant nutrition or signpost appropriately.

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