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This study focuses on the impact of MUP on children and young people's own drinking and related behaviour.

Research Questions

  • Have children and young people observed any changes in product availability or price recently?
  • Has MUP influenced children and young people’s consumption and acquisition decisions? If so, how?
  • What are children and young people’s strategies with dealing with any price increases observed in their favoured drink?
  • Is there evidence that harms from children and young people’s own consumption have changed following MUP?
  • What factors other than the introduction of MUP might be influencing children and young people’s alcohol use (e.g. external factors, cultural changes or changes in consumption of significant others (e.g. parental, peers))?

Study description

The aim of this study is to understand how changes in the price of alcohol have impacted children and young people’s own drinking and related behaviour.

You can download the protocol for this study.

You can download the Minimum Unit Pricing in Scotland: A qualitative study of children and young people’s own drinking and related behaviour report and the briefing paper.

The membership of the Evaluation Advisory Group for this study can be found on our Evaluation Advisory Group page.