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Evaluation Advisory Groups (EAG)

The purpose of the EAG is to provide advice and expertise and to provide assurance that
will maximise the quality and relevance of the studies assessing the impact of MUP.
This group is intended to offer a quality assurance and advisory role.

Responsibility for decision making and management of the studies will reside within the
Research Teams and the Public Health Scotland (PHS) MESAS Project Team.

Where there is no agreement between the advice of the EAG and the Research Team and/or
the MESAS Project team the MESAS Governance Board will be consulted.


Overall, the key role of the EAG is to ensure that the transparency, scientific rigour,
impartiality and integrity of the study is maintained. Members contribute in line with their
individual areas(s) of expertise.
Members of the Evaluation Advisory Group are required

  • To provide advice on the suite of studies overseen by the EAG on areas in line with
    their individual areas(s) of expertise
  • To advise on the methods and approaches used in the study/studies in line with their
    individual areas(s) of expertise. Dependent on expertise this may cover issues such
    aims, evaluation questions, approach, methods and data sources used in the
  • To support the Research Team to identify and contact relevant stakeholders who
    can support or participate in the research as appropriate and required
  • To monitor progress, help problem solving and provide support and advice to
    support the work of the EAG and component studies
  • To attend meetings with the Research Team as required
  • To be available via email or telephone outside of meetings, where feasible, to offer
    advice or guidance to the Research Team and MESAS study Lead
  • To quality assure outputs produced from the study for Public Health Scotland, in line
    with their individual areas(s) of expertise
  • To advise on, and support the dissemination of, information about, and learning
    from, the study as appropriate
  • To represent the wider views of their parent organisation and also to feedback
    progress to relevant stakeholder groups and networks as appropriate and in line with
    the confidentiality requirements
  • To provide support in identifying other relevant research relating to the study area
  • To refer any public or external enquires received by EAG members about the
    evaluation of MUP, the process or individual studies to PHS through the study
  • Dr Tessa Parkes (Chair), Centre Director Salvation Army Centre for Addiction Services and Research, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Stirling
  • Dr Carol Emslie, School of Health & Life Sciences, Glasgow
    Caledonian University
  • Dr Niamh Shortt, Co-Director Centre for Research on Environment
    Society and Health (CRESH), School of GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh
  • Douglas Frood, Licensing Standards Officer West Lothian Council and Chair, National Licensing Standards Officer Network (until April 2020)
  • Paul Hogan, Dundee City Council  and Chair of National Licensing Standards Officer Network (from April 2020)
  • Paul Hogan, Dundee City Council  and Chair of National Licensing Standards Officer Network (from April 2020)
  • Peter Reid, Team Leader Licensing, Criminal Justice Practice and Licensing Unit, Scottish Government (until October 2019)
  • Andrew A Fraser, Head of Democratic Services North Ayrshire Council/ Member of MESAS
    MUP Evaluation Governance Board
  • Clare Beeston, Public Health Intelligence Principal,
    Public Health Scotland
  • Rebecca Sludden, Research Services Officer Public Health Scotland

    Research Team - in attendance
  • Elinor Dickie (until September 2019), Dr Fiona Myers Public Health Scotland
  • Professor Graeme Roy (Chair) University of Glasgow
  • Professor Leigh Sparks University of Stirling
  • Frederick Foxton Scottish Government
  • Professor Marc Suhrcke, Professor in Global
    Health Economics
    University of York
  • Nils Michael Scottish Government (until October 2020), Elliot Bauld or Alastair Irvine, Scottish Government (from November 2020)
  • Alison Douglas Alcohol Focus Scotland
  • Ashley Cairns CGA
  • Douglas Meikle Scotch Whisky Association
  • Ewan MacDonald Retail Consortium
  • Gareth Aston C&C
  • John Lee or Luke McGarty Scottish Grocers Federation
  • Neil Sinclair Scottish Government (until July 2019)
  • Paul Togneri Scottish Beer and Pub Association
  • David Richardson, Regulatory and
    Commercial Affairs Director
    Wine and Spirit Trade Association
  • Paul Waterson Scottish Licensed Trade Association (from June 2020)
  • Jamie Weall National Association of Cider Makers (until January 2020)
  • Simon Russell National Association of Cider Makers (from January 2020)
  • Will Torn, Analytics Team Leader or Jenny Dickson, Senior Consultant Nielsen (until March 2020)
  • Sarah Brett, Head of Client Delivery - Alcoholic Beverages, Nielsen (from March 2020)
  • John Burns, Public Health Intelligence Adviser Health Scotland (until February 2020)
  • Neil Craig, Acting Evaluation Team Head, Public Health Scotland
  • Clare Beeston, Public Health
    Intelligence Principal, Public
    Health Scotland
  • Rebecca Sludden, Research Services Officer Public Health Scotland

    Research Teams - in attendance
  • Lucie Giles, Karl Ferguson (from November 2019) Public Health Scotland
  • Mark Robinson (until March 2020),  Christina Wraw (until November 2019), Andrew Leicester, Manager Frontier Economics
  • Martine Stead, Douglas Eadie, Nathan
    Critchlow, Niamh Fitzgerald
    Institute of Social Marketing. University of
    Stirling (until May 2020)
  • Mairi Watson, Public Health Intelligence Adviser (Chair) Public Health Scotland (until June 2020)
  • Helen Chung Patterson, Public Health Intelligence Adviser (Chair) Public Health Scotland (from June 2020)
  • Professor David Leon, Professor of
    Epidemiology London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Professor Eileen Kaner, Professor of Public Health Research Newcastle University
  • Professor Sarah Johnsen,  Professorial Fellow Herriot Watt University 
  • Peter Rice, Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist, Honorary Senior Lecturer NHS Tayside/University of Dundee
  • Maggie Page, Senior Research Officer Scottish Government
  • Phil Mackie, Public Health Consultant Public Health Scotland
  • John Holleran, Families and Communities Manager Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol & Drugs
  • Clare Beeston Public Health Intelligence Principal,
    Public Health Scotland
  • Rebecca Sudden, Research Services Officer Public Health Scotland

    Research Teams - in attendance
  • John Holmes, Petra Meier, Penny Buykx, Colin Angus, Alan Brennan, Duncan Gillespie, Andy Perkins, Wulf Livingston, Jane Hughes
  • John Burns, Public Health Intelligence Adviser (Chair) NHS Health Scotland (until February 2020)
  • Ross McQueenie, Public Health Intelligence Adviser (Chair) Public Health Scotland (until January 2021)
  • Karl Ferguson, Public Health Intelligence Adviser (Chair) Public Health Scotland (from March 2021)
  • Professor Fiona Jamieson, Senior Teaching Fellow University of Edinburgh
  • Frances Warren, Justice Analytical Services Scottish Government (until February 2021)
  • Jamie Macfarlane, Police Recorded Crime Team, Justice Analytical Services, Scottish Government (from February 2021)
  • Susan McVie, Professor of Quantitative Criminology University of Edinburgh
  • Christina MacLucas, Principal Analyst Police Scotland
  • Mark Hollinsworth, Senior Statistician Police Scotland
  • Dr Lesley Graham, Associate, Public Health Scotland (until August 2020)
  • Gareth Griffiths, Sergeant Police Scotland (until October 2019)
  • Mette Tranter NHS Lothian
  • Dr Philip Conaglen, Consultant in Public Health NHS Lothian
  • Clare Beeston, Public Health Intelligence Principal, Public Health Scotland
  • Andrew Clark, Programme Manager, National Police Care Network NSS (from October 2019)
  • Inspector Kenny Ramsay, Violence Prevention/Licensing Co-ordination Unit, Police Scotland (from October 2019)

Research Team - in attendance

  • Professor Jon Bannister, Crime and Well-being Big Data Centre, Manchester Metropolitan University (from December 2019)
  • Ben Farrugia, Director (Chair) Social Work Scotland
  • Gillian Henderson Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration
  • Dr Louise Hill University of Strathclyde
  • Maggie Page, Research Officer Scottish Government
  • Dr Pete Seaman, Acting Associate Director Glasgow Centre for Population Health
  • Eileen Scott, Principal Research Officer, Scottish Government (until February 2020)
  • John Holleran, Development Officer for Families and Communities
    Scottish Families Affected by Drugs and Alcohol (SFAD)
  • Kelda Gaffney, Service Manager Glasgow City Council
  • Rowan Anderson, Manager Corra Foundation
  • Clare Beeston, Public Health Intelligence Principal 
    Public Health Scotland

    Research Teams - in attendance
  • Jane Ford, John Burns (until February 2020), Fiona Myers NHS Health Scotland
    Ian Clark, Briege Nugent Iconic Consulting (until January 2020)
  • Dr Peter Craig, Senior Research Fellow
    MRC/CSO Social and Public Health
    Sciences Unit
  • Dr Gerry McCartney Public Health Scotland
  • Neil Craig, Acting Evaluation Team Head Public Health Scotland
  • Dr Lesley Graham, Associate Specialist,  Public Health Scotland (until August 2020)
  • Dr Tara Shivaji, Consultant in Public Health, Public Health Scotland (from January 2021)
  • Professor Annie Britton, Professor of
    University College London
  • Dr Jim Lewsey, Reader in Medical Statistics University of Glasgow
  • Professor Brian Ferguson, Chief Economist Public Health England
  • Nils Michael Scottish Government
  • Professor Tim Stockwell, Director of Centre for Addictions Research
    University of Victoria, Canada
  • Annalisa Belloni, Senior Health Economist Public Health England
  • Professor Jonathan Fallowfield, Senior Clinical Fellow
    University of Edinburgh
  • Clare Beeston, Public Health Intelligence Principal Public Health Scotland
  • Mark Robinson, Senior Evaluation Manager, Institute for Social Science Research, The University of Queensland (from April 2020)

    Research Teams - in attendance

  • Lucie Giles, Public Health Scotland
  • Mark Robinson (until March 2020), Christina Wraw (until November 2019) NHS Health Scotland