MESAS Governance Board (MGB)

The purpose of the MGB is to provide advice, expertise and secure assurance that will
maximise the scientific quality, relevance and credibility of the suite of studies assessing
the impact of MUP in Scotland. Responsibility for decision making will reside with NHS
Health Scotland (NHSHS) (and its successor organisation Public Health Scotland).


Overall, the key role of the MGB is to ensure that the transparency, scientific rigour,
impartiality and integrity of the evaluation of MUP is maintained. Members contribute in
line with their individual areas(s) of expertise.
Members of the MESAS Governance Board are required:

  • To agree the scope and areas for study for the MESAS evaluation of MUP, in line
    with their individual areas(s) of expertise
  • To advise on allocation of resources between potential areas for study for the
    MESAS evaluation of MUP
  • To provide quality assurance of the MESAS MUP evaluation plan which will be
    signed off by NHS Health Scotland
  • To ensure MESAS MUP evaluation programme coherence and liaison with other
    relevant studies and stakeholders
  • To monitor MESAS MUP evaluation delivery progress and risk management, help
    problem solving and provide support and advice to support the delivery of the
    MESAS evaluation of MUP
  • To provide quality assurance of MESAS component studies and reports through
    individual members advising on study design, methods, data sources and peer
    reviewing reports as appropriate
  • To provide advice where there is not agreement between the advice of an EAG and
    the Research Team and/or the MESAS Project team
  • To quality assure NHS Health Scotland outputs produced from the evaluation of
    MUP, in line with their individual areas(s) of expertise
  • To advise on, and support the dissemination of, information about, and learning
    from, the study as appropriate
  • To represent the wider views of their parent organisation and also to feedback
    progress to relevant stakeholder groups and networks as appropriate and in line with
    the confidentiality requirements
  • To attend meetings (in person or teleconference) as required
  • To be available via email or telephone outside of meetings, where feasible, to offer
    advice or guidance to the NHSHS MESAS MUP team.
  • Dr Andrew Fraser, Director of Public Health Science (Chair) - NHS Health Scotland (Chair)
  • Dr Tom Barlow, Senior Research Manager - Chief Scientists Office, Scottish Government
  • Dr Fiona Jamieson, Senior Teaching Fellow University of Edinburgh
  • Ian Davidson NHS Lothian, on behalf of the Association of Nurses in Substance Misuse in Scotland
  • Andrew Fraser, Head of Democratic Services North Ayrshire Council, on behalf of the Society of Local Authority Lawyers and Administrators in Scotland (SOLAR)
  • Angela Stewart NHS Ayrshire & Arran
  • Dr Ahmed Khan, Chair of Royal College of Psychiatrist Addictions Faculty NHS Lanarkshire, on behalf of Royal College of Psychiatrists Addictions Faculty
  • Professor Tim Stockwell, Director of Centre for Addictions Research University of Victoria, Canada
  • Professor Kay Tisdall, Professor of Childhood Policy University of Edinburgh, Centre for Research on Families and Relationships
  • Professor David Leon, Professor of Epidemiology London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Professor Mark Pettigrew, Professor of Public Health Evaluation London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Professor John Frank Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research and Policy
  • Maggie Watts NHS Western Isles
  • Dr Colin Fischbacher NHS National Services Scotland, Information Services Division
  • Superintendent Tim Ross, Police Scotland
  • Karyn McCluskey, Chief Executive Community Justice Scotland
  • Matt Forde NSPCC Scotland
    Professor Marc Suhrcke, Professor in Global Health Economics University of York
  • Clive Henn, Senior Alcohol Advisor Public Health England
  • Pete Seaman, Acting Associate Director Glasgow Centre for Population Health

  • Louise Feenie Scottish Government
    Nils Michael Scottish Government

    MESAS Team - in attendance
  • Clare Beeston, Neil Craig, Dr Mark Robinson, Elinor Dickie, Lucie Giles, Mairi Watson, John Burns, Christina Wraw, NHS Health Scotland