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This study focuses on the impact of MUP on children and young people affected by harmful parental or carer alcohol consumption.

Research questions

The main research question is:

Has MUP affected parental/carer harmful alcohol consumption and related behaviours, with implications for the harms experienced by children and young people? If so, in what ways?

Additional questions are:

  • What are the perceptions and understanding of participants on
    • the extent to which parental/carer drinking impacts on children and young people?
    • the role of alcohol and children’s experiences of harms from others?
    • the potential role of alcohol price in mitigating harms to children associated with parental/carer drinking?
  • Have participants observed any changes in alcohol consumption and related behaviour in their work with families post-MUP?
  • Have participants observed any recent changes in parental/carer alcohol consumption and related behaviour post-MUP expressed by the children and young people they work with or observed by participants in their work with families?
  • What are the perceptions of participants of the main factors that may have contributed to any changes observed across their existing caseload?
  • Have there been any observed changes in participating organisations of their alcohol-related service provision for parents/carers and families post-MUP (e.g. any changes in the care of children and young people by families or changes in family relationships, and how this potentially impacts on what participants do as practitioners in response to these families)?

Study description

The primary aim of this study is to contribute to an understanding of the potential role of MUP in protecting children and young people from harms caused by parents' or carers' harmful alcohol consumption, in the context of complex family lives.

You can download the protocol for this study.

You can download the MUP: protecting children and young people from parents’ and carers’ harmful alcohol consumption report and the briefing paper.

The membership of the Evaluation Advisory Group for this study can be found on our Evaluation Advisory Group page.