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Improving health
Previously NHS Health Scotland

Today, we have published our new strategic framework for action, ‘A Fairer Healthier Scotland 2017–22’. It sets out how we will continue in our mission to reduce health inequalities and improve the health of the population of Scotland.

Our 2017-18 Delivery Plan has also been published. It summarises how we plan to achieve our strategic priorities and how we intend to meaningfully measure our performance.

Gerry McLaughlin, CEO at NHS Health Scotland said

“Notwithstanding current uncertainties, we are confident and optimistic that the strategic framework we have set out will serve us well for the coming period. The Scottish Government’s Programme for Government, with its focus on equality, social justice, child poverty, inclusive economic growth and a new social security system, provides a strong platform on which to base our strategic ambitions for fairer health improvement.

“We are driven by the need to maintain the focus on fairness and prevention in policy and in practice. We are committed to working openly, collaboratively and in the common interest. Our focus as an organisation is always to produce the highest quality knowledge about what harms and what creates health, and to enable this knowledge to be applied at national and local level.

“Our Delivery Plan sets out our commitments for this year, including our pledge to contribute to the Scottish Government Fairer Scotland Action Plan in its ambition to end child poverty in Scotland; and to work in partnership with other NHS Boards to develop national referral pathways between NHS services and local advice services to maximise income and reduce fuel poverty.

“Ultimately, our vision is a Scotland in which all of its people and communities have a fairer share of the opportunities, resources and confidence to live longer, healthier lives.”

You can read our new strategy, watch our video and read our delivery plan to find out more.