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Improving health
Previously NHS Health Scotland

On Tuesday 3 September the First Minister set out the Scottish Government’s Programme for Government for the coming year (2019/20).

Featured in the Programme are a range of initiatives on public health, including; funding to put lived experience at the heart of action on drug-related deaths, a commitment to bring forward a bill to restrict the promotion of high fat, sugar and salt foods, action on climate change, action to help ensure Scotland reaches its targets on reducing child poverty, the strengthening of the statutory framework on human rights, and the creation of a Women’s Health Plan.

Gerry McLaughlin, NHS Health Scotland Chief Executive, said:

“As we look forward to becoming part of Public Health Scotland in April 2020, we continue on our mission to reduce health inequalities and improve Scotland’s health.

“Yesterday’s announcements share our commitment to making Scotland a fairer and healthier place to live. They set out a legislative framework which will support the delivery of Scotland’s public health priorities this year and beyond”.