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Improving health
Previously NHS Health Scotland

Today we publish our final Delivery Plan as we prepare to become part of Public Health Scotland in April 2020. Our plan will lead us through a period of significant organisational change as we continue on our mission to reduce health inequalities and improve Scotland’s health. It includes bold action that will see our work towards a fairer, healthier Scotland continue in the context of public health reform as we move successfully into the new organisation

We have a crucial role in responding to the changes being implemented by public health reform and we look forward to the year of transformation ahead. In this last Delivery Plan as NHS Health Scotland we set out the work that will move forward in line with Scotland’s new public health priorities.

Gerry McLaughlin, Chief Executive of NHS Health Scotland said:

“We know that to face up to the challenge of poor health and health inequalities, we need to do things differently and do different things. The new public health body will play an important role in this, together with local authorities, the third sector, local partnerships, NHS Boards, the wider public sector, and, importantly, people in the communities all across Scotland. This plan, together with our Strategic Framework and committed staff, is the work we will take with us to the new agency and will ensure our legacy of fairer health improvement is embedded within it.

“It is only by working together that we will make the change we need to see, happen. I have a real sense that people are ready to take up this challenge. All of our stakeholders, partners and the individuals we have worked with over the years and will continue to work with, have their part to play. Today, as we publish our final plan, I thank them for sharing our passion and commitment to making Scotland a fairer and healthier place to live. It is through this shared passion and commitment that we will succeed in our shared ambition of a Scotland where everybody thrives.”