Effective monitoring and evaluation of public health interventions helps us to understand the process of implementing interventions, and the impact of actions on population health. To do this we use an outcomes approach to

  • support partners to report on their contributions to national and local outcomes
  • provide partners with specialist support, tools and resources about how to effectively monitor progress and evaluate impact
  • support partners with a process of Evaluability Assessment as a way of understanding the feasibility of evaluating a public health intervention.

You can learn about our Outcomes Framework website below.

You can find resources to help plan, undertake and report evaluation of public health interventions on the Better Evaluation website.

You can also access Better Evaluation's Rainbow Framework toolkit (external website) to guide you through the process.

Where appropriate, we promote an outcomes approach to evaluation. The tools that we commonly use to support an outcomes approach to monitoring and evaluation include

  • logic models
  • outcomes chains (sometimes called results chains).

These tools are collectively known as ‘outcomes frameworks’ and can be used to identify shared outcomes with relevant partners. They are also useful for planning interventions. 

These outcomes frameworks are informed by the best available evidence. We have worked with partners to create a series of topic-specific frameworks which help link local activities with longer term outcomes.

You can learn more about how to use these tools to support outcomes planning and evaluation on our Outcomes Framework website.

Evaluability assessment (EA) is an approach to planning evaluation projects. It involves researchers working with stakeholders to clarify intervention goals and how they are expected to be achieved. You can find a full explanation on the EA methodology on Better Evaluation (external website).

You can find a list of all our evaluations, including evaluability assessments, below.

You can contact us for specialist guidance and tailored support for outcomes focussed monitoring and evaluation.

Third sector organisations can get support with evaluation so they measure and report on their impact and use learning to improve practice and influence policy through Evaluation Support Scotland (external website). Support for funders is also available.