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Improving health
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Leadership support

There are a number of ways to develop effective leadership in health inequalities.

Online Leadership Hub

The learning hub for leadership on health inequalities provides a high level overview of what causes health inequalities and covers the key parts of a leader’s role.

This resource is provided on our virtual learning environment (VLE). It is primarily aimed at NHS non-executive board members to support the development of leadership skills to address health inequalities. The hub will also be of value to executives and those in senior leadership roles across public services.

The hub features audiovisual case studies and filmed interviews with leaders from across the public services and third sector on key parts of their leadership role and how it relates to health inequalities. It also includes reflection and action points to help leaders to apply the learning in their role.

A Place to Be

A Place to Be is a public health leadership programme, designed to enable senior leaders and potential leaders throughout the Public Health workforce to flourish no matter where they are in the system; no matter what their role or title and to ensure we all pull in the same direction with a shared sense of vision and the values which underpin this. The resources are available through NHS Education for Scotland's (NES) learning platform, Turas.

Project Lift

Project Lift’s purpose is to contribute to better health and care in Scotland by shaping and enabling a fresh leadership ethos across the system. Coordinated by NHS Education for Scotland, the programme does this through engaging all relevant parties in the renewed approach to executive leadership development, talent management and appraisal, sustaining it through a Scottish Leadership Community.

Health Scotland statements on inequalities

Maximising the role of NHSScotland in reducing health inequalities provides senior NHSScotland staff with an overview of their leadership role in reducing health inequalities.

The role of Health and Social Care Partnerships in reducing health inequalities describes practical actions for leaders to address health inequalities when developing plans and priorities for health and social care delivery.