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Improving health
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Addressing inequalities may seem overwhelming for staff, however if more of us understand how to embed inequalities in practice, we could all see a long term difference.

This page will signpost you to evidence, case studies and other sources of information on how to address inequalities in practice and build staff confidence and knowledge around addressing inequalities.

Increase knowledge and confidence in addressing inequalities

We offer e-learning modules on addressing inequalities on our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

You can register with the Scottish Public Health Observatory (ScotPHO) to receive their email updates which share current evidence on equality and inequality issues.

The Kings Fund has a blog (external website) which can help staff to build knowledge on current inequalities issues.

The Institute of Health Equity report Working for Health Equity: the Role of Health Professionals (external website) shares best practice with evidence papers and case studies.

Institute of Healthcare Improvement's White Paper Achieving Health Equity: a Guide for Health Care Organisations (external website) provides a framework, guidance and case studies.

NHS England Improving access for all: reducing inequalities in access to general practice services offers a practical guide, tips and links to video clips, learning materials and case studies.

The NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHS GGC) initiative have resulted in key learning to help the board improve frontline practice and influence change. They have published a number of reports including

  • evidence briefings
  • staff briefings
  • evaluation reports
  • helpful tools for staff.

These are available on the NHS GCC Equalities in Health website.


Our Population groups section has key messages which are helpful when engaging with specific groups of people.

The Links Worker Programme is a Scottish Government funded programme. It aims to support general practice patients with complex needs to live well through strengthening connections between community resources and primary care in deprived areas.
The University of Glasgow is conducting a three-year, mixed method, independent evaluation of the Links Worker Programme in Glasgow, commissioned by NHS Health Scotland.

The Keep Well National Programme engaged with a range of population groups using inequalities sensitive practice. It was a Scottish Government funded prevention programme implemented by local NHS Boards. It aimed to contribute to a reduction in health inequalities by providing health checks targeting those at particular risk of preventable serious ill health, predominantly heart disease and offering appropriate interventions, services and follow-up.

You can also find a range of Health Scotland publications on the right to health and inequalities.