Impact Assessment

Our organisational approach to measuring impact is outcome-focussed. We measure our impact in relation to the short and long-term outcomes which are steps on the way to achieving our vision of a fairer, healthier Scotland.

We determine our impact using a performance framework. This consists of Key Performance Indicators in three domains.

  1. Society - Trends in health inequalities and the fundamental causes of health inequalities (inequalities in incomes, wealth and power).
  2. Our organisational results - Our performance in relation to our work, including stakeholder engagement and satisfaction.
  3. Our organisational enablers - Our performance in relation to managing our organisational resources, including people and workforce.

Examples of impact

Examples of the recent impact that you can read about in our 2017/18 Annual Impact Assessment are noted below

Childhood poverty

Childhood poverty is a key Scottish Government and Fairer Scotland Action Plan priority. Its effects negatively influence people’s health outcomes throughout life. We provided leadership and advocacy on the impact of child poverty, and identified actions to tackle it. Working with key policy leads in Social Justice, Social Security and Learning Directorates and collaborating with other key stakeholders, we influenced policies and local plans.

You can find out more on our child poverty page.

Power animation

In partnership with Glasgow Centre for Population Health, we developed the animation Power – a health and social justice issue. Its wide reach helped embed an understanding of the importance of inequalities of power into the public narrative. We hope this will galvanise action towards the national outcome to ‘tackle poverty by sharing opportunities, wealth and power more equally’.

You can watch our power animation on our Power Inequality page.

Screening and Immunisation

Working with a range of partners through the Scottish Immunisation Programme, we developed and delivered the 2017/18 Flu campaign, successfully raising awareness with ‘at risk’ audiences.

You can read more about the Flu immunisation and other immunisation programmes on our immunisation pages.


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