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Improving health
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  • Violence and aggression in the workplace

    • Employment

    Target audience: Managers. The key learning outcomes are understanding of the causes and impact of violence and aggression at work knowledge of the legal requirements to mana...

  • Sensible risk assessment

    • Employment

    Target audience: Managers. This e-Learning course involves reading, answering questions and generally thinking about the hazards and risks present at your workplace. The learn...

  • Managing health and safety: the basics

    • Employment

    Target audience: Managers. By completing this module you will meet the following learning outcomes understanding of health and safety law your responsibilities - having basic...

  • Improving workplace health suite

    • Employment

    Target audience: The Improving Workplace Health course has been designed for people involved in occupational health, health promotion, health and safety, trade union represent...

  • Health behaviour change level 1

    • Primary care

    Target Audience: This module is for anyone who wants to learn more about health behaviour change and who has (or thinks they could have) a role in improving health. By the end...

  • Raising the issue of child healthy weight

    • Children

    By the end of this module you will: develop understanding of child healthy weight by identifying, need, motivation, barriers and potential for improving health and preventing...

  • Raising the issue of physical activity

    • Physical activity

    After completing this module you will have: developed an understanding of 'health enhancing physical activity' reflected on your role in promoting physical activity developed...

  • British Sign Language (BSL) and Tactile BSL

    • Primary care

    Target audience: All. By completing this module you will be able to recognise the different types of communication support needs describe the basics of BSL as a language and...

  • Equality and human rights: putting people at the centre

    • Health inequality

    Target audience: All. By the end of the module, you should be able to: describe why equality and human rights are important identify the main types of discrimination likely t...

  • Supporting staff attendance

    • Employment

    Target audience: The course is targeted at anyone with people management responsibilities within organisations operating in Scotland. At the end of this module you should be a...