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Improving health
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According to the Scottish Health Survey the factors have been identified as the risk factors that account for around 90% of the total burden of disease in developed countries. These are alcohol consumption, smoking, low fruit and vegetable consumption, low levels of physical activity and obesity. While the population’s health has been increasing overall, the gap in health outcomes between rich and poor is growing. Self-assessed health declines as levels of deprivation increase. In the least deprived areas 84% of people report good health and 2% bad health. Compared to most deprived areas where 57% report good health and 18% bad health.

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Course type
Time to complete
2 hours
Course category
Health behaviour change

Target Audience: This module is for anyone who wants to learn more about health behaviour change and who has (or thinks they could have) a role in improving health.

By the end of this module you will be able to

  • describe what health behaviour change is and why it is important as an approach
  • examine the relationship between health behaviours, health outcomes and health inequalities
  • clarify your role in supporting health behaviour change
  • know the process of how to raise lifestyle issues appropriately and sensitively in a person centred way
  • support individuals to access relevant information or services local to them

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