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This year's Scottish Inclusion Health and Homelessness Conference was held in Edinburgh on Wednesday 27th March

27 March 2019 9:00
27 March 2019 16:00
Central Hall 2 West Tollcross Edinburgh EH3 9BP

Event description

The fourth annual conference was yet another informative and enjoyable event!  

Speakers included:

  • Dr Igor van Laere, coordinator of the Netherlands Street Doctors group, on the Dutch experience of providing homeless healthcare
  • Dr Zana Khan, Pathway GP, about implementing the Pathway model in a mental health setting
  • Michelle Reilly from Streetfit Scotland about delivering a health, fitness and wellbeing programme to homeless people
  • Dr Adam Burley on why housing is a health intervention
  • Chantal Edge, University College London, about the new UCL Collaborative Centre for Inclusion Health
  • Dr Fiona Cuthill, University of Edinburgh, about the new Edinburgh Centre for Inclusion Health

Breakout sessions

Breakout sessions included:

  • Access to health and social care for people with No Recourse to Public Funds
  • Substance use: current trends and issues
  • The role of community nurses in delivering health services at the margins: a public health necessity
  • Youth homelessness: identification, prevention and intervention
  • What next for health and homelessness data linkage in Scotland
  • Healthy Finances: early intervention to reduce the risk of homelessness
  • Engaging with Gypsy/Travellers around health and wellbeing
  • Time for Change - Qualified through Experience

See below for further information about breakout sessions