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NHS Health Scotland, The Faculty of Homelessness and Inclusion Health and Shelter Scotland hosted the Hidden Homelessness Conference on the 25th February 2020. The conference was held at the Trades Hall Glasgow and focused on women, LGBTQ+, youths, migrant health and mental health in homelessness, bringing together a coalition of partners to focus on the issues affecting the health and wellbeing of those who are experiencing homelessness. We invited an exciting mix of national and international speakers and had a variety of parallel sessions along with academic research findings to inform and direct new projects and best practise in health.

25 February 2020 10:00
25 February 2020 16:15
Trades Hall 85 Glassford Street Glasgow G1 1UH


The programme for the Hidden Homelessness Conference is now available to view.


The presentations for the Hidden Homelessness Conference are now available to view.