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Improving health
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Statistics published today show that suicide rates in Scotland continue to decline. Figures also show that the gap between the numbers of people who die by suicide in rich and poor areas is closing. Sadly though, men are now even more likely than women to take their own lives than they were last year.

Shirley Windsor, Organisation Lead for Public Mental Health at NHS Health Scotland said:

“We welcome the fall in the suicide rate in Scotland as demonstrated in today’s data. This reflects the significant efforts that have been made across the country in improving the way we respond to those in distress, whether that is innovative awareness raising initiatives or compassionate conversations. However, we cannot be complacent. Suicide is still one of the leading causes of early death, especially among young men. We are saddened to see that men are now three times more likely than women to die from suicide, as opposed to 2.5 times last year. 

“Every death by suicide is a tragedy and is preventable. That’s why we welcome a focus on mental health in the recently published public health priorities for Scotland. NHS Health Scotland will continue to support partnerships across the various agencies involved in suicide prevention.”

There is more information on suicide on our suicide webpages.