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Improving health
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NHS Health Scotland welcomes today’s update from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) on the Minimum Income Standard for the UK 2017.  We already know that income is an extremely important factor in determining people’s health.  Today’s report highlights that many people fall short of reaching a minimum socially acceptable standard of living, particularly working families with children, despite an increase in the National Living Wage and tax cuts. The report notes that single breadwinner and lone parent families are most affected.

Dr Andrew Fraser, Director of Public Health Science said:

“We know that income inequality is a major cause of health inequalities – people with greater income and wealth are generally healthier. Today’s report from the JRF adds to the evidence that we need to help individuals and families on low incomes and out of work benefits. NHS Health Scotland will continue to highlight evidence and advocate for a system that is fair and works for everyone, especially the people that need support the most.”