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Improving health
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This module is intended for those with responsibility for managing people’s health and safety in the workplace and should be of use to employers and those with management responsibilities in businesses and charitable/voluntary organisations. In addition, the training tool can be used to provide information and awareness to anyone working with other people, either as customers, clients or colleagues. It shows the issues relating to violence and aggression in the workplace, outlines employers’ responsibilities and gives practical information on how the hazards can be controlled safely.

This course is available to start any time.

Course type
Time to complete
2 hours
Course category
Healthy Working Lives

Target audience: Managers.

The key learning outcomes are

  • understanding of the causes and impact of violence and aggression at work
  • knowledge of the legal requirements to manage violence and aggression at work
  • understanding the use of risk assessment in controlling violence and aggression hazards
  • understanding of the types of violence and aggression hazards in the workplace
  • knowledge of techniques to manage these risks at work
  • knowledge of the support available to help and advise on this issue.

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