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Improving health
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This training is for anyone who wants to learn more about mental health in the workplace. Everyone has a role to play in creating a mentally healthy workplace and it can have benefits for you and your colleagues. Completing this course can also help your organisation with achieving your Healthy Working Lives award.

This course is available to start any time.

Course type
Blended learning
Time to complete
1 hour
Course category
Healthy Working Lives
Location available on request

Target audience: All.

By completing this course we hope that you will gain

  • an awareness of the differences between mental health and mental health problems
  • an awareness of the impact of attitudes, values and culture on mental health in the workplace
  • an awareness of what stress is, what can cause it and how it can be managed effectively
  • an awareness of the legal implications of the Equality Act 2010 and other legislation on employees and employers
  • an understanding of how to promote our own and other people's mental health in work.

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