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The NHS Scotland national screening programmes which were paused in March because of coronavirus (COVID-19) are now resuming.

Cervical screening

Regular cervical screening (routine screening) invitations and reminders are now being sent.

Those invited for cervical screening before the pause, should contact their GP practice to make an appointment. This applies to anyone who was yet to make an appointment or who had made an appointment which was then cancelled.

Those who receive more frequent cervical screening due to a previous screening result and were due to be invited during the pause will receive their invitation or any reminders they were due by the end of September.

Diabetic retinopathy screening  

The diabetic retinopathy screening (DRS) programme has resumed routine screening and is inviting service users to be screened.

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) screening 

The abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) screening programme has resumed routine screening and is now inviting men to be screened.

Breast screening 

The breast screening service has resumed.

We are asking those awaiting appointment invitations to please be patient as it will take some time to fully restore the service and appointment invitations may be delayed.

Bowel screening

Bowel screening home testing kits are now being sent out.

Local NHS Boards will be in touch with those who are due to attend a colonoscopy appointment. 

Advice for the public

It is important to emphasise to patients that in between screening appointments, or as they wait for rescheduled appointments, they should continue to be aware of and act on any symptoms associated with the conditions being screened for.

If patients are concerned about symptoms, they should contact their GP practice.