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The Scottish ACEs Hub (hosted by NHS Health Scotland), in collaboration with the Scottish Government, hosted a seminar on research and evidence on childhood adversity and trauma and its implications for policy and practice.

19 June 2018 9:30
19 June 2018 16:00
COSLA Conference Centre 19 Haymarket Yards Edinburgh EH12 5BH

Event Description

The aims of the day were to:

  • Share multi-disciplinary research findings on childhood adversity to inform policy and practice in Scotland;
  • Identify priorities for future research;
  • Develop a network to share evidence and contribute to future research seminars


Delegates heard from academic professionals involved in research from a diverse range of areas.  This exciting opportunity brought together evidence and research to inform policy and practice aimed at preventing and mitigating ACEs in Scotland. We would also like to explore interest in developing a network of people who can both contribute to future research seminars and also help identify gaps in our current knowledge base.



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