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28 November 2016 9:00
28 November 2016 17:00
Surgeons' Hall 8 Nicholson Street EH8 9DW

Event information

NHS Health Scotland hosted this conference to explore national action to prevent and respond to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).  The conference provided the opportunity to develop understanding about the impact of adverse childhood experiences through the life course, connect with people from diverse sectors and identify action to be taken by local and national stakeholders.

The event aimed to;

  • Develop an understanding of the impact of ACEs on people’s lives and on health and wellbeing outcomes on individuals and population health.
  • Share learning about a psychologically-informed approach to service design and workforce development
  • Provide the opportunity to meet and learn from colleagues from a range of different disciplines working to prevent and respond to ACEs.  
  • Identify actions to pursue following the conference

The Scottish Public Health Network published, ‘Polishing the Diamonds’: Addressing Adverse Childhood Experience in Scotland.  The report sets out areas for action in Scotland and this conference provides the opportunity to take these ideas further and establish key actions for 2017.

Presentations and webcast

Presentations and the webcast from this event are available. 

Conference report

You can read the conference report for a summary of the day.