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How to have an HIIA workshop

Once you have established the need for a Health Inequalities Impact Assessment (HIIA) workshop the following information will help you to plan, facilitate and report on one successfully.

Planning an HIIA Workshop

All planning documents are available for download.

The 'Answers to frequently asked questions' document provides further detail on why you should conduct an HIIA, how to conduct one and some case studies.

The 'Process workplanner' is a checklist to prompt you to take action and think about what to consider while planning an HIIA.

Key milestones in planning an HIIA workshop are

  • identify stakeholders
  • consider if there is any research you need to carry out prior to the workshop such as data or statistics relating to certain population groups or demographic information
  • invite stakeholders to the workshop and provide a briefing about the policy or practice to be assessed (and perhaps the 'Workbook summary' document in the conducting a workshop resources)

To help you start your research, the 'Key issues to consider' document provides some evidence and informed information on the ways policies can impact differently on various groups of people. However, please be aware that this information may be out of date as it changes quickly. It is a guide, to provide initial information and signpost further sources of information.

Conducting an HIIA Workshop

All workshop documents are available for download.

The 'Workshop facilitators' guidance' document could help you to run the session smoothly and effectively on the day.

During the HIIA workshop there are a series of six questions to be answered by the participants.

  1. Who will be affected by this policy?
  2. How will the policy impact on people?
  3. How will the policy impact on the causes of health inequalities?
  4. How will the policy impact on people's human rights?
  5. Will there be any cumulative impacts as a result of the relationship between this policy and others?
  6. What sources of evidence have informed your impact assessment?

The 'Workshop participants' workbook' has more detail and space for participants to make notes.

After an HIIA Workshop

The 'Scoping workshop report template' is a suggested lay out which captures the answers to the six workshop questions, the recommendations or suggestions to reduce identified impact and any further research which is required.

As a result of the workshop you have four options

  1. No major changes required
  2. Adjust the policy to mitigate impacts
  3. Continue with the policy – despite potential for adverse impact
  4. Stop and remove the policy

The Equality and Human Rights Commission – Assessing Impact Guide provides further information on these options.

Having identified potential impacts and suggestions to mitigate them it is suggested that an action plan is drawn up.

The Equality Act regulations state that where a policy has been implemented following an impact assessment the results of the impact assessment must be 'published'. The exact timescales and way the results are to be published is not prescriptive.

We recommend making your report available for download from your website as soon as possible.

Further support

Our Learning and Improvement team are available to discuss any part of the process and share examples of practice. They can also provide copies of any of our HIIA reports.