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Update: May 2021: These documents, first published in June 2019, have been updated and the following changes have been made to this updated publication: 

  • Crime study (2020)
  • Work package 4 of the Harmful Drinking study (2020)
  • Household expenditure (separately funded study) (began April 2020)
  • Update of publication dates for all studies
  • Changes to reflect language now used - ‘alcohol industry’ to ‘alcoholic drinks industry’, ‘small convenience stores to ‘small retailers’, and 'harmful drinkers' to ‘those drinking at harmful levels’.

The Evaluation of the impact of minimum unit pricing (MUP) will consider the impact of MUP on a range of outcomes. The evaluation protocol describes plans for the NHS Health Scotland evaluation of minimum unit pricing for alcohol in Scotland.

The aim is to help the reader understand the approach to the evaluation, the studies within it and when they will report, and the governance processes in place.

It covers both the studies funded through and managed by NHS Health Scotland, through the Monitoring and Evaluating Scotland’s Alcohol Strategy (MESAS) programme, and the studies funded separately, led by various academic institutions.

Further reports will be added in due course.


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