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Setting up a referral pathway

Our national vision is for all pregnant women and families with young children to be routinely asked about money worries and offered a referral to an advice service that is accessible and sensitive to the needs of children and families. 

On behalf of the Scottish Health Promotion Manager Group (SHMPG) we have developed an action plan in support of this vision. It describes delivery of the vision at three distinct levels, with functions and responsibilities for  

  • the Scottish Health Promotion Managers Group (SHPMG)
  • local NHS Boards
  • NHS Health Scotland. 

The national action plan also includes a driver diagram to help describe the theory of change and steps involved in setting up a maternity and health visiting financial inclusion referral pathway. This is intended to increase and support the development of such pathways and advice services in NHS Boards.

To receive a copy of the national action plan before it is published on this site, or to discuss how to set up a referral pathway, you can contact our child poverty team.