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Improving health
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Child poverty has harmful consequences for children’s health, wellbeing and social development, including educational attainment.  

  • In 2016-19, of the 230,000 children in Scotland in relative poverty, 90,000 lived in lone parent families
  • Lone parent families face higher levels of financial insecurity, a greater risk of poverty and higher levels of food insecurity than couple families

To reduce child poverty in lone parent families, it will be essential to ensure:

⦁          Quality, flexible childcare is available to meet their needs
⦁          Flexible, employment opportunities that lift families out of poverty are available to meet their needs
⦁          The social security system protects families and children against poverty.

Read the lone parents briefing paper

COVID-19 and lone parent households

COVID-19 is likely to pose additional challenges to efforts to prevent and reduce child poverty in Scotland.

We have prepared a short briefing focused on COVID-19 and lone parents to accompany our publications focused on lone parents in poverty.

The briefing:

  • identifies how lone parents might be experiencing this crisis
  • notes the mitigation measures put in place by the UK and Scottish Government that might support some lone parent families
  • raises concerns that COVID-19 will have further negative consequences for lone-parent families
  • makes recommendations for further actions in the short and medium-term.

Read the COVID-19 and lone parents briefing paper