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  • National Children's Day 2019

    • 10 May 2019
    • ACEs
    • Katy Hetherington, Organisational Lead - Childhood Adversity

    In the week of National Children's Day, we blog about how our work to prevent adversity can help children grow into healthy, happy adults and reduce the risk of inequalities in later life.

  • Play at work - who cares?

    • 25 Apr 2019
    • Employment
    • Lynne Galloway, Health and Work Manager for Healthy Working Lives

    Health and Work Manager Lynne Galloway blogs about the difference 'non work in-work' activity can make to employee welfare and workplace success.

  • Smoking: Is it really a ‘free choice’?

    • 13 Mar 2019
    • Smoking
    • Dr Ross Whitehead, Public Health Intelligence Adviser

    On No Smoking Day, Public Health Intelligence Adviser Dr Ross Whitehead blogs about how making our environment more supportive can help people to stop smoking.

  • Cancer: double trouble

    • 04 Feb 2019
    • Poverty
    • Dr Andrew Fraser, Director of Public Health Science

    On World Cancer Day, Dr Andrew Fraser blogs about inequalities in cancer, which puts more people in our poorest areas at risk and impacts on survival rates.

  • Two ways that human rights matter to me

    • 10 Dec 2018
    • Right to health
    • Cath Denholm, Director of Strategy

    On International Human Rights Day, Director of Strategy Cath Denholm celebrates the 70th anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Right and blogs about why human rights matter to her.

  • Child poverty knows no boundaries

    • 05 Oct 2018
    • Child poverty
    • Ashleigh Jenkins, Senior Health Improvement Officer

    During Challenge Poverty Week, Senior Health Improvement Officer Ashleigh Jenkins blogs about the contribution the education sector is making to mitigate the impact of child poverty.

  • It’s well unfair – welfare reform, work and health

    • 20 Jul 2018
    • Poverty
    • Martin Taulbut, Public Health Intelligence Adviser

    Public Health Intelligence Adviser Martin Taulbut blogs for us on the impact of welfare reform in the UK on health and health inequalities.

  • Your health, your choice?

    • 31 May 2018
    • Health inequality
    • Dr Gerry McCartney

    Dr Gerry McCartney, Head of Public Health Observatory blogs about the difference between population and individual health.

  • Overcoming childhood adversity: let's make it happen

    • 11 May 2018
    • ACEs
    • Pauline Craig, Head of Population Health

    Pauline Craig, Head of Population Health blogs about adversity in childhood. Encourages sectors to come together to help build resilience in children and mitigate the impact of adverse childhood experiences.

  • Nuala Healy, Organisational Lead for Screening and Immunisation blogs about the successes of the Scottish Immunisation Programme in reducing incidences of disease, and the potential for a new public health body to improve uptake rates among vulnerable groups and reduce health inequalities.