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  • Scotland’s National Transport Strategy going the right direction for public health

    • 24 Oct 2019
    • Health inequality

    We welcome Scotland’s National Transport Strategy as part of a whole system approach for good health and wellbeing. Transport is a fundamental part of the places we live in, w...

  • A public health approach to justice

    • 21 Oct 2019
    • Community justice

    Today, Scotland is host to a major conference aimed at changing lives by strengthening links between public health and the justice system. Around 500 delegates from all over t...

  • Response to winter mortality figures 2018/19

    • 15 Oct 2019
    • Health inequality

    Figures released today by National Records of Scotland show that fewer deaths were registered in Scotland last winter than the previous year. Gerry McCartney, Head of the Scot...

  • Challenge poverty? Aye, we can and we must

    • 07 Oct 2019
    • Poverty

    NHS Health Scotland recognises the severe effect poverty has on health and that’s why we’re proud to support Challenge Poverty Week. The campaign, led by The Poverty Alliance...

  • MUP had modest short-term economic impact on alcohol drinks industry in Scotland

    • 02 Oct 2019
    • Minimum unit pricing

    In an initial assessment of the effects of Minimum Unit Pricing, participants reported that a decrease in alcohol sold was offset by increased prices. The overall impact on re...

  • River city star says Trust the Facts, get flu jab

    • 01 Oct 2019
    • Immunisation

    Trust the Facts. That’s the message from Scottish actor Jordan Young and leading health professionals as they launched this year’s seasonal flu campaign at a Dialysis Unit in...

  • The learning we’re taking into Public Health Scotland

    • 26 Sep 2019
    • Health inequality

    In April 2020, Public Health Scotland (PHS), will provide leadership in the protection and improvement of the public’s health in Scotland. NHS Health Scotland and Public Healt...

  • New figures show life expectancy continues to stall

    • 25 Sep 2019
    • Health inequality

    Data published today shows that life expectancy continues to stall in Scotland after the improvements seen up to 2012.   The National Life Tables for Scotland 2016-2018 report...

  • Are you with us?

    • 17 Sep 2019
    • Housing

    NHS Health Scotland believes everyone should have a safe, secure and affordable home. That’s why today we are delighted to adopt Shelter Scotland’s Charter for Change as part...

  • Ask. Tell. Save a life.

    • 09 Sep 2019
    • Suicide

    Today marks the start of Suicide Prevention Week 2019 (9-15 September) and we are pleased to support it.  We believe that working together helps prevent suicide and this is a...