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Improving health
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NHS Health Scotland welcomes new regulations on the Nutritional Requirements for Food and Drink in Schools, published today by the Scottish Government.

NHS Health Scotland was a member of the technical working group convened in 2017, to review the current school food and drink regulations. The group recommended a number of amendments in order to bring the regulations in closer alignment with the Scottish Dietary Goals, using the most up-to-date evidence base and knowledge of current school food practices.

Following consideration of both the recommendations made by the technical working group, and the responses to the consultation received, Ministers will take forward the amendments recommended.  

Claire Hislop, Organisational Lead for Diet and Healthy Weight at NHS Health Scotland and a member of the technical working group, said:

“The technical working group put the health and wellbeing of children and young people at the heart of our recommendations, drawing on the latest evidence and knowledge of current school food practices.

“We welcome the changes to the food and drink provided in schools, which will help create an environment in which children can choose a healthy, balanced diet. We know that health in Scotland is improving, but not for everyone. Supporting children and young people at school is an important way of addressing these inequalities. Together with a range of other actions to help support a healthy diet, this new guidance will contribute to improving health and reducing health inequalities in Scotland.”

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