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Improving health
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NHS Health Scotland welcomes research out this week by Glasgow University showing that outlets selling tobacco, alcohol and fast food are clustered in poorer areas. This adds to what we know about the impact of where we live, work, rest and play on our health.


Andrew Fraser, Director of Public Health, said:


“We’ve long argued that being healthy is about more than making healthy choices.  To address the harm from alcohol, tobacco and being overweight or obese, we must address the environment we live in. 


“We know that people in poorer areas experience more harm from alcohol, tobacco and fast food than those in more affluent areas. This research could explain part of the reason – put simply, it is easier to access the things that harm our health.  


“We have a long tradition of taking bold action to improve health and reduce health inequalities in Scotland. I’m confident that this study will add to the evidence and help us take more such action, including to address price and availability of health harming products, to create a fairer healthier Scotland.”