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Improving health
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NHS Health Scotland welcomes the launch of Scotland’s Mental Health Charter for Physical Activity and Sport. The evidence shows that even small increases in physical activity can protect against chronic diseases and improve quality of life. It also shows that physical activity, through recreation or sport, has a positive impact on physical and mental health and wellbeing.

George Dodds, Director of Health Equity at NHS Health Scotland said:

“We know that physical activity improves both mental and physical health and wellbeing. We also know that improving the mental health of the population has a positive effect on individuals, their families, communities, the NHS, the economy and more. Ensuring that mental ill health and wellbeing is not a barrier to engaging, participating and achieving in physical activity and sport is therefore doubly important. Not only can it improve people’s mental health, but it will make Scotland healthier as a whole because more people will be physically active. The Charter sends a signal to people that physical activity is for everyone. Inclusive physical activity and sport means that Scotland will be fairer, as well as healthier.”


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