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Improving health
Previously NHS Health Scotland

A new resource has been produced by NHS Health Scotland to support NHS Boards in reducing health inequalities.

The resource, ‘Maximising the Role of NHSScotland in Reducing Health Inequalities’, aims to provide senior NHS staff with advice on how they can contribute to reducing health inequalities. It describes practical actions they can put in place to reduce health inequalities to ensure the best attainable health outcomes for both the people and communities they serve and the staff they employ. For example, advice is offered on procurement and recruitment processes to ensure that they are as fair and equitable as possible.

The resource has been shared with all Scottish NHS Health Boards and a similar statement for colleagues working in health and social care integration will be published in October.

NHS Health Scotland’s Chief Executive, Gerry McLaughlin said:

“We know that overall, Scotland’s health is improving, but we also know that for those whose health is poorest and needs to improve most, our record is not good. As a key frontline public service, the NHS in Scotland needs to do more to ensure that we concentrate on achieving a much fairer approach to improving health. This resource is part of a body of work developed from evidence about whose health needs to improve most and fastest, and what actions are most likely to achieve this.”

You can read the document on our Identify Effective Actions page.