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An app for the Place Standard has been developed for the first time. It is now available to download for free for Android or Apple smartphones or tablets. 

The places and spaces where we live and work have an impact on our health. The people who live in a community are best placed to design them in a way that will ensure they promote good health and reduce health inequalities. That is why, with the Scottish Government and Architecture and Design, we developed the Place Standard Tool. It helps to structure the conversations between planners and communities necessary to design healthy spaces and places. 

John Howie, Organisational Lead for Place at NHS Health Scotland said  

“This is an important milestone in the development of the Place Standard tool. 

"The app will increase the accessibility and reach of the tool across many user groups. We particularly hope it will increase use among young people, several of whom have contributed to its development.  The app will help facilitate conversations that will bring together younger and older generations, allowing them to compare viewpoints about the places they are in, creating the sorts of spaces that everyone can enjoy”. 

This is the first release of the app for public download. It has been designed to integrate with the online tool, which means users will be able to use the online tool or the app and the results from both can be collated or analysed together. 

Over the coming weeks, the Place Standard team would like to hear what you think about the app so that we can update it and ensure it becomes the best tool possible. If you have any comments, please email the team at

You can find out more about the Place Standard on our Place Standard Tool page.