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Improving health
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Healthy Working Lives provides employers in Scotland with support and services to improve the health, safety and well-being of their staff. A face to face training programme for managers on the impact of alcohol and drugs in the workplace has been offered to employers since 2008. To complement the manager training programme, we now welcome you to the Alcohol and Drugs in the Workplace e-Learning course.

This course is available to start any time.

Course type
Blended learning
Time to complete
1 hour
Course category
Healthy Working Lives
Location available on request

Target audience: This course can be completed on its own by all members of an organisation or as part of a blended learning course for managers.

The learning outcomes for the course are

  • increased knowledge of the impact of alcohol and drugs on the workforce and employer and employee responsibilities
  • increased knowledge of substances and their impact on the individual and workplace
  • increased understanding of the rationale for workplace policies and the legal implications
  • insight into good practice related to alcohol and drugs in the workplace including, application of policy and support for individuals.

You need to enrol on our e-Learning platform before you can start the course. Please register and login before you start.

If you are already enrolled on the e-Learning site and have logged in, you can start the course directly.