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Smoking cessation

On this page you will find information and resources to help you deliver your smoking cessation service.

Smoking cessation national guidelines

The national smoking cessation guidelines include guidance for health professionals and smoking cessation co-ordinators and advisers on

  • providing specialist/intensive services
  • delivering brief interventions, including e-cigarettes.
  • harm reduction

Smoking cessation services review

Specialist smoking cessation services were reviewed as part of the tobacco control strategy. A number of key aspects of current service configuration and delivery were examined. The report makes a number of recommendations to improve the effectiveness of smoking cessation services by

  • reducing variation in outcomes and improving consistency services
  • improving processes within services and training for staff
  • increasing reach and success, particularly with priority groups.

Priority groups are defined as

  • prisoners
  • young people
  • pregnant women
  • those living in disadvantaged areas
  • people with mental health problems.

For more information you can read the full ‘Review of NHS smoking cessation services: advisory group report’.

Impacts on health and health inequalities

We estimated the impacts of smoking cessation services on health and health inequalities in our ‘Informing Interventions to reduce health Inequalities’ (Triple I) project.

Using the interactive tool you can alter the number of individuals treated by smoking cessation services and the targeting strategy (e.g. to deprived areas) in order to estimate results for local areas as well as for Scotland.

We found that smoking cessation services could help to reduce health inequalities if targeted where most needed.

Local action

We provide a wide range of resources to help you deliver an effective and person-centred smoking cessation service. These include booklets for the public on how to stop smoking and stopping smoking in pregnancy.