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Study description

We used mixed methods to explore MUP compliance and related issues post implementation.

Qualitative interviews were conducted with Licensing Standards Officers (LSOs), Trading Standards Officers (TSOs) and Police Officers. We analysed the interview data thematically using the Framework method. We utilised member checking of initial findings with the National LSO Network to explore the face validity of initial findings.

National licensing statistics for 2018/19 data will be published after the study’s reporting period, and so their findings will be added as a supplement later.


The study was published in August 2019. You can download the:

  • Research protocol for this study
  • Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) for alcohol Evaluation: Compliance (licensing) study (full report)
  • Executive Summary.

The membership of the Evaluation Advisory Group for this study can be found on our Evaluation Advisory Group page.

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