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Improving health
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This event, organised by the Scottish ACEs Hub and NHS Health Scotland, explored how communities can respond to knowledge about childhood adversity and what community responses can look like

14 March 2019 9:30
14 March 2019 16:00
Central Hall 2 West Tollcross Edinburgh EH3 9BP

Event description

There has been increasing awareness around childhood adversity and links with health and wellbeing in recent years. The Scottish Public Health Network Report ‘Polishing the Diamonds’ set out a number of areas for action in Scotland, including increasing awareness and understanding about childhood adversity and building community connectedness and social capital. The Scottish Government Programme for Government has a specific action around increasing societal awareness and supporting actions across communities to address adverse childhood experiences.The widespread interest generated across communities in Scotland through the documentary, Resilience, has contributed to a number of local ACEs hubs developing across Scotland.

We were delighted to have Professor Sir Michael Marmot,  author of The Health Gap and Director of the Institute of Health Equity at University College London, chair and speak at the event.

The event included a mixture of speakers to both inspire and share examples of what this means in practice and the role of public health.

The event was aimed at those interested in sharing and learning about what a community response to childhood adversity might look like and who are interested in helping shape next steps.


Presentations from both plenary and workshop presenters are now available to view.