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Improving health
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A one-day conference on recent research about how migration and ethnic background can affect health.

24 September 2015 9:15
24 September 2015 16:30
The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow 232-242 St Vincent Street Glasgow G2 5RJ

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With new arrivals from many parts of the world, Scotland's population is becoming ever more diverse.

  • Why is the overall health of some ethnic minorities better than that of the White Scottish population, but others don't seem to be doing so well?
  • Why do patterns of disease vary between ethnic groups?
  • How can we intervene to improve health across all ethnic groups?
  • What is the experience of ethnic minorities and especially recently arrived migrants regarding access to and use of health and social care services?
  • How does the experience of Scotland compare with that of other parts of the UK and Europe?

Participants will hear about the latest research findings. After each group of presentations, a panel will discuss with the audience what the results mean and how they can be put to good use.


Deadline for receipt of abstracts for free papers and posters: June 22.


Please see the final programme and the list of the accepted posters for more details.