The HIIA process

Health Inequalities Impact Assessment (HIIA) is a tool you can use during planning to assess the potential of any policy, plan, proposal or decision to reduce or increase health inequalities. Many policies have the potential to impact on health inequalities.

The tool can be used across all sectors to think about how your plans or decisions might affect people and population groups. The tool encourages you to consider many different potential impacts on individuals and communities and how such impacts might interact with each other.

HIIA is an integrated impact assessment which incorporates

  • Health Impact Assessment
  • Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA)
  • Human Rights Impact Assessment.

Doing an HIIA meets a range of legislative requirements, including the requirement to conduct an Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA). You can download our guides and resources below. You can access all World Health Organization's (WHO) information about Health Impact Assessment (HIA) on their website (external website). You can also download reports, resources and case studies from the Scottish Human Rights Commission's dedicated Equality and Human Rights Impact Assessments website (external).

HIIA guidance resources

You can use our guides and resources to help you carry out an HIIA. Our range includes

  • templates
  • detailed guidance
  • facilitators’ guides
  • workbooks for workshop participants.