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  • Impact assessment case study: Active Travel

    • 28 May 2013
    • Health inequalities impact assessment
    • Health inequalities impact assessment

    This case study illustrates the health inequalities impact assessment process of the 'Active Travel' project in NHS Health Scotland...

  • How Health and Housing Connect

    • 08 Jun 2017
    • Homeless people
    • Event document

    Programme for event How Health and Housing Connect 7th July 2017...

  • A guide to smoking cessation in Scotland

    • 03 Jul 2017
    • Smoking
    • Guidance

    These guidelines provides guidance for health professionals and smoking cessation co-ordinators and advisers...

  • Impact assessment report 2016-2017

    • 13 Jul 2017
    • Corporate
    • Corporate

    This document focuses on the impact we have had as an organisation through implementing our 2016/17 Delivery Plan and highlights how we have contributed to the ambitions of ou...

  • A Fairer Healthier Scotland - a strategic framework for action 2017-2022

    • 09 May 2017
    • Corporate
    • Corporate

    This publication describes our Strategic Framework for Action 2017–22 and the strategic priorities we will focus on with our partners to improve the health and healthy life ex...

  • A brief guide to intimate partner violence and abuse

    • 27 Jul 2015
    • Gender based violence
    • Summary report

    This briefing looks at the scale of the problem of intimate partner violence and abuse against women, at how we can explain and understand the underlying causes, and at the im...

  • Interventions to prevent childhood overweight and obesity within schools

    • 06 Jul 2017
    • Obesity
    • Research report

    This report looks at the current evidence of actions that schools can take to reduce childhood overweight and obesity in Scotland...

  • Income, wealth and poverty

    • 11 Apr 2017
    • Income
    • Inequality briefing

    This is the 8th in our series of inequality briefings. It focuses on the role of income, wealth and poverty in creating health inequalities, and the evidence for effective act...

  • Improving implementation and uptake of Universal Free School Meals

    • 08 Mar 2016
    • Free school meals
    • Briefing paper

    This briefing summarises findings from the Universal Free School Meals evaluation on how to improve implementation and uptake...

  • A Fairer Healthier Scotland

    • 04 Jun 2012
    • Corporate
    • Corporate

    This strategy sets out the role, direction and priorities of NHS Health Scotland for the five years from 2012 to 2016...