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  • Good Mental Health for All

    • 08 Apr 2016
    • Guidance
    • Mental health

    Good Mental Health for All sets out a vision to improve mental health and wellbeing, encouraging action at national, local and community levels...

  • A Fairer Healthier Scotland

    • 04 Jun 2012
    • Corporate
    • Corporate

    This strategy sets out the role, direction and priorities of NHS Health Scotland for the five years from 2012 to 2016...

  • Audit Committee membership

    • 15 Jul 2015
    • Corporate
    • Corporate

    The list of members of the Audit Committee...

  • Health inequalities - what are they and how do we reduce them?

    • 18 Mar 2016
    • Inequality briefing
    • Health inequality

    This is the 1st in our series of inequality briefings. It focuses on what health inequalities are and ways in which we can reduce them...

  • Health Inequalities Policy Review

    • 20 Mar 2015
    • Evidence
    • Health inequality

    This document was written to provide evidence to the 2013 Scottish Ministerial Task Force on Health Inequalities. It reviews the current policy and the evidence about what wor...

  • Good work for all

    • 28 Nov 2016
    • Inequality briefing
    • Employment

    This is the 2nd in our series of inequality briefings. It focuses on the role that good work for all can play in reducing health inequalities. It assumes that action in relat...

  • Pulling in different directions?

    • 02 Feb 2016
    • Research report

    This report provides an update on developments in the social security system and changing economic context and monitors relevant changes in population health and health inequa...

  • Smoke free NHSScotland implementation guidance

    • 27 Feb 2015
    • Guidance
    • Smoking

    This Smoke-free NHS Scotland: Implementation Guidance has been developed by the National Smoke-free Grounds working group and is designed to support NHS Boards achieve smoke-f...

  • A guide to smoking cessation in Scotland

    • 03 Jul 2017
    • Guidance
    • Smoking

    These guidelines provides guidance for health professionals and smoking cessation co-ordinators and advisers...

  • Improving implementation and uptake of Universal Free School Meals

    • 08 Mar 2016
    • Briefing paper
    • Free school meals

    This briefing summarises findings from the Universal Free School Meals evaluation on how to improve implementation and uptake...