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To help promote the flu vaccine to healthcare workers (HCWs), a range of resources have been developed as part of the 2019/20 flu immunisation campaign.

As part of the 2019/20 flu campaign, a range of resources have been developed to help promote the flu vaccine to healthcare workers.

Healthcare workers have a duty to ensure those in their care are safe and protected. This year’s brand new campaign ‘Trust the facts. Get the vaccine’ aims to encourage those most vulnerable to get the flu vaccine. This includes young children aged 2-5 or in primary school, people with a health condition like diabetes, a heart condition, breathing problems or kidney disease, pregnant women and those aged 65 years or over.

The resources include a campaign briefing, which gives advice on planning local campaigns, best practice examples, as well as a screensaver and banners that can be used on the intranet or applied to email signatures.

Campaign hashtags #trustthefacts #flufacts and a range of suggested social media posts have also been provided for use on health boards' external communication channels. For support using any of these resources please contact your local IT or web team.

In addition, staff at every NHS Scotland health board will also have access to the Flu Bee app – an online game which encourages staff to get vaccinated.

All these resources are intended to support health boards by helping ensure staff fully understand the role flu vaccination plays in preventing transmission, and encouraging all healthcare workers to get vaccinated to help protect themselves and their patients from flu.

More information on the benefits of immunisation for healthcare workers is available from NES Education Scotland: Flu vaccination for healthcare workers (external site).

To find out more about this year's public facing flu campaign visit (external site).


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