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Improving health
Previously NHS Health Scotland

Governance committees

Our Governance committees operate as standing committees of the Board.

Audit Committee

The role of this committee is to assure the Board that

  • public money is safeguarded and accounted for
  • business is conducted in accordance with law and proper standards
  • reasonable steps are taken to prevent fraud and other irregularities
  • financial statements are timeous and give a true and fair view of the financial position of the Board
  • the system of risk management in the organisation is adequate in identifying risks and allowing the Board to understand the appropriate management of those risks.

Health Governance Committee

The role of this committee is to review the evidence that NHS Health Scotland’s activities make an effective contribution to tackling health inequalities and improving health. 

The committee, on behalf of the Board, examines and comments on the quality (including the dimension of impact) of work in each of the Strategic Priorities that support the Strategy of the organisation. This includes ensuring that these activities are consistent with NHSScotland Quality Ambitions and meet the organisations EFQM standards and the Health Governance quality Knowledge into Action assurance standards of 

  • knowledge generation
  • knowledge application
  • knowledge management.

Staff Governance Committee

The role of this committee is to assure the maintenance of a culture within NHS Health Scotland where the highest possible standards of staff management are the responsibility of everyone and are built upon partnership and collaboration.

It oversees the implementation of the national NHS Staff Governance Standard (external website), which helps drive and support staff to achieve our Quality Ambitions, the Workforce 2020 Vision and the ambitions of A Fairer Healthier Scotland. The Staff Governance Standards ensure that staff are

  • well informed
  • involved in decisions
  • treated fairly and consistently
  • appropriately trained and developed
  • working in a healthy and safe environment.

Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee operates as a sub committee of the Staff Governance Committee. Its role is to ensure the application and implementation of fair and equitable pay systems and other related employment matters as determined by Ministers and Scottish Government. It is primarily concerned with the arrangements for the pay of executive members of the Board and managers who are employed on Senior Manager Terms and Conditions.

Partnership Forum

The Partnership Forum is the focal point of our formal partnership working agreement with our recognised Trade Unions. The Partnership Forum is made up of management representatives and staff side representatives and is jointly chaired by the Chief Executive and Staff Side Chair (Employee Director).

As well as overseeing and monitoring the steps of formal partnership working outlined in our Partnership Agreement, the Partnership Forum has specific responsibilities to

  • embed partnership working at all levels in the organisation
  • link with the Scottish Partnership Forum (SPF) through the Scottish Workforce and Staff Governance Committee (SWAG)
  • lead the detailed formulation, monitoring and performance review of our workforce plan and Staff Governance Action Plan
  • oversee workforce policy development and review
  • actively monitor staff experience and formulate plans to address any improvement actions needed, based on staff feedback
  • ensure that feedback and views from all staff have a route into and are fed back from the Partnership Forum and its decision making processes
  • agree consultation responses to the SPF, SWAG and any other groups with proposals for policy development or initiatives affecting staff.