Every year, we set out what we are going to work on for the year ahead in our annual delivery plan. This incorporates

  • what is required from us by Scottish Government through NHS Local Delivery Plan guidance
  • our Annual Review action plan
  • our financial plan
  • our workforce plan
  • our property assets management strategy.¬†

Our Delivery Plan sets out our commitments for 2017/18. This includes our pledge to contribute to the Scottish Government Fairer Scotland Action Plan in its ambition to end child poverty in Scotland. We will also work in partnership with other NHS Boards to develop national referral pathways between NHS services and local advice services to maximise income and reduce fuel poverty.

Our delivery commitments are aligned with the five strategic priorities set out in our Strategic Framework for Action 2017-2022. These are based on evidence of what will work to improve health and reduce health inequalities. These are supported by three change priorities, which set out our commitments to how we will drive continuous improvement in the way we deliver our priorities. It also sets out how we will secure a focus on fairer health improvement in the new public health landscape.

You can read our 2017-2018 delivery plan summaries for partners in

  • NHSScotland
  • the third sector
  • local government.


Delivery Plan 2016-2017

Delivery plan 2016-2017 summaries


Delivery Plan 2015-2016


Delivery Plan 2014-2015

Our delivery plans are developed in the context of our Management Statement, which sets out the broad framework within which we will operate.

Workforce Plan

This plan

  • captures our progress against the Workforce Plan 2015/16
  • sets out our workforce planning assumptions
  • outlines the key aims and short-term outcomes.


Workforce Plan 2016-17

Impact reports

Working with an external Stakeholder Performance Forum, we have produced a Performance Framework against which we can measure our performance and impact.

We present an Annual Impact Report to our Board on the impact we have had as an organisation. The report includes a blend of quantitative and qualitative measures that demonstrate our impact.


Impact report 2016-2017


Impact report 2015-2016


Impact report 2014-2015