Food Standards Scotland (FSS) has today published its assessment of the out of home food and drink landscape in Scotland [external link], which calls on caterers and other out of home providers to recognise the impact of their sector on Scotland’s diet. Responding to the report Dr Andrew Fraser, Director of Public Health Science at NHS Health Scotland, said:

"We welcome this latest research by FSS which adds to our knowledge and understanding of ‘eating out’. It’s disappointing to see that health as a key consideration when eating out of the home appears to have declined in importance from the previous study. This is especially notable when we see that people in Scotland are buying more food and drink outside the home; that it tends to be less healthy including chips, burgers and regular cola; and that children between 2-12 are consuming unhealthy food more often than adults in Scotland and children in the rest of Great Britain.

“To reduce health inequalities we need to inspire healthier diets. Working with caterers, food businesses and industry through the Scottish Government’s Supporting Healthy Choices framework is important in moving forward. The healthyliving award within NHS Health Scotland supports the out of home sector to ensure healthier options are available and foods are low in fat, sugar and salt. But we must do more – for example work to restrict the marketing of such food, especially to children – and we are committed to working with FSS and the Scottish Government to inform new food policy in Scotland.”