Monitor progress and evaluate

We can generate a better understanding of

  • how policies and public health interventions work
  • who they reach
  • what effects they have

by monitoring progress and evaluating the impact of action that aims to improve health and reduce health inequalities.

We use this process to inform future decision making and improve practice. 

Monitoring and evaluation support

We work with partners to develop outcome focussed approaches to planning, managing and evaluating the performance of action to improve health and reduce health inequalities, including

  • planning of evidence informed public health interventions in a way that will reduce health inequalities
  • monitoring and evaluation to help us understand the impact of these actions and their contribution to National and Local outcomes
  • a process of evaluability assessment that helps prioritise where best to invest evaluation resources
  • action to build evaluation and learning into improvement, funding and policy making processes.

There are a range of methods and tools that we use to support partners in an outcomes focussed approach to monitoring progress and assessing impact.

Learn more about our tools for monitoring and evaluation.

You can find a list of all our evaluations, including evaluability assessments, below.

You can contact us for specialist advice and support for monitoring progress and assessing impact.