Smoke-free environments

The dangers of second hand smoke are widely recognised and thereby smoke-free environments are extremely important.

On this page you will find help and resources to make your environment smoke free.

Local authority smoke-free guidance

New guidance has been developed to support local councils to develop and implement smoke-free policies across local authority owned and operated sites.

The guidance gives practical ways to implement smoke-free buildings and grounds and outlines the responsibilities of local authority partners.

NHSScotland smoke-free guidance

Part of the national strategy to create a smoke-free Scotland by 2034 is the banning of smoking on hospital grounds. You can download our implementation guidance on how to manage and enforce this policy.

The Knowledge Network (external website) provides information on the smoke-free NHS grounds campaign as well as training, guidance and video clips.

You might also be interested in examples of local implementation from NHS Boards including a statement from the State Hospital.

National and local action

The Scottish Government’s Take it Right Outside campaign (external website) clearly communicates the harm of second-hand smoke and the importance of making your home and car smoke-free.

The Healthy Working Lives website provides guidance on how to manage smoking in the workplace.

You may also be interested in our specific smoke free guidance for mental health services.