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Timeline of evaluation of MUP

The planned publication schedule for evaluation studies of minimum unit pricing (MUP), and other related studies, is described below. Reports are expected from mid 2019 to late 2023.

The publications are listed in order of when they are due to be published and include the anticipated publication date in brackets.




  • Drinking at harmful levels: Short-term impacts (published)
  • Price distribution (published)
  • Prescribing (Expected mid 2021) (Separately funded study)
  • Consumption and health service impacts (Expected late 2021) (Separately funded study)
  • MESAS Monitoring Report 2021 (published)
  • Homeless drinkers (Expected late 2021) (Separately funded study)
  • Alcohol products and prices in the retail sector (late 2021)
  • Alcohol products and prices in the wholesale sector (late 2021)
  • Ambulance call-outs (Expected late 2021) (Separately funded study)
  • Self-reported consumption (Expected late 2021) (Separately funded study)
  • Crime and disorder, public safety and public nuisance (late 2021)


  • Drinking at harmful levels - Final report (mid 2022)
  • Household expenditure (mid 2022) (Separately funded study)
  • MESAS Monitoring Report 2022 (June 2022)
  • Sales-based consumption Final Report (mid 2022)
  • Economic impact on the alcoholic drinks industry (late 2022)


  • Admissions and deaths (early 2023)
  • MESAS Monitoring Report 2023 (June 2023)
  • Final report (late 2023)

MUP evaluation outcome areas and studies

You can find more information on the studies on our Outcome areas and studies of evaluation of MUP page and on the Separately funded studies page.